Welcome to the Paradox

Welcome to The Paradox of Leadership. We believe that the growth and development of people is the non-negotiable for being extraordinary in business today. We are a boutique leadership education firm that delights in creating unorthodox learning experiences for those we serve. We help clients discover and revel in their own paradoxes – how to transform their industry while staying humble along the way; how to leverage the fact that true leadership is irrespective of title or role; how to make a feedback culture serve as an anchor for real kindness in a world that desperately needs it. We are fiercely committed to the human side of business in all that we do. We develop and coach leaders from the inside-out. We create cultures that actually move the people they were meant to inspire. We train first-time managers to move beyond fear and into flow. We advance seasoned leadership teams into unchartered spaces of trust and connection. We are obsessed with what we do – it is both our purpose and privilege. We can’t wait to share our craft with you.

What We Stand For

Inside Out





We believe in holistic leadership; all transformation starts from within

We hold space for what's possible; beyond motivation and into inspiration

We give tough love and accountability; it takes work to unravel old programming

We go beyond what's said; we play where business and spirituality intersect

We drive transformation, not change; you didn't sign up for ordinary

Who We Serve