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Leadership is a holistic pursuit. The work we do is rooted in transforming mindset from the inside-out. We teach people how to unlock their mental chatter so that they can author new thoughts, beliefs, habits, and actions – ultimately driving unprecedented results. As leadership development spans far and wide, we specialize in programming that targets the big leaps in a career or organization: the shift from Individual Contributor > Manager, the journey from Manager > Leader, and the expansion from Leader > Inspiring Role-Model, Thought Leader, and Culture Carrier. Take a moment to explore our work.

The Process

Although we pride ourselves on meeting our clients where they are at, we do so in a systematic and intentionally provocative way. We are known for our 4-step excavation process and all of our programs and initiatives follow this simple, yet transformative approach:

The Results

Our rich learning approach yields palpable results that ripple throughout the organization. Both qualitative and quantitative in nature, we pride ourselves on the direct impact we have on our clients’ professional and personal worlds. ROI includes:

  • Self-actualization and elevated confidence in key managers or leaders
  • Enhanced engagement and loyalty to the team or organization
  • Elevated sense of creativity and innovation in getting the work done, together
  • Expanded capacity for real-time self-awareness and resilience
  • Increase in the quality and quantity of mission-critical, “difficult” conversations
  • Renewed patience, collaboration, and camaraderie amongst cross-functional teams
  • Ability to navigate change and turmoil with groundedness and grace
  • Activation of organic peer support, coaching, mentoring, and accountability networks
  • Sustainable traction with on-boarding and succession programs
  • Development of key trusted advisors skills for client-facing roles

The Offerings

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Training & Development

Manager Training Programs (multi-month, integrated programs)
From Founder > Leader Alignment Programs
Women’s Leadership Programs
Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Leadership Programs

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Offsite & Retreats

Top Team Leadership Workshops & Retreats
Yearly Management Offsites & Strategy Sessions
Mission-critical Meeting Curation and Facilitation
360 / Assessments / Surveys Processing & Debriefs

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Executive and Team Coaching

High Potentials being positioned for expansive leadership roles
Senior Executives looking to enhance their personal brand and impact
C-Suite Leaders needing a trusted advisor to navigate personal and professional complexities Company-wide “office hours” coaching

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Keynote Speaking & Events 

For keynote speaking and other speaker needs,
learn more about
our Founder, Valia Glytsis.

The Content

Our programs range in size ands scope from 2-hour learning sessions to multi-day retreat experiences to year-long, integrated leadership development programs. Everything we teach is meant to activate peak human performance and thus delivered in an immersive and experiential learning format. We develop and customize content to honor the company culture while creating both visible and more nuanced behavior shifts. All programs have both a skill and mindset component for lasting impact. Here are some of our content specialities:

For All Levels

  • Mental Chatter & Mindset
  • Personal & Professional Branding
  • Resilience & Energy-Management
  • Boundaries & Difficult Conversations
  • Strengths Articulation & Application
  • Values Discovery & Decision-Making

For Teams Management

  • Management Bootcamp – Skills & Mindsets
  • Feedback & Feedforward
  • Coaching Skills Training
  • Trust & Impact Development
  • Cross-Functional Influencing

For Organization / Leadership

  • Leadership Bootcamp – Skills & Mindsets
  • Purpose, Mission, & Vision Development
  • Gravitas & Executive Presence
  • Creating Coaching Cultures
  • Client Relationship Management