Who We Serve

Our clients range across industry from tech startups and global media brands to creative agencies and consulting firms. From non-profits to Fortune 500 companies and women’s organizations to diversity & inclusion initiatives, we believe in focusing on psychographics rather than demographics. For us, partnership means seeing the paradox of leadership. We work with clients who understand that leadership has little to do with title, scope, or role – but rather with an internal drive to take full ownership of one’s impact, no matter the journey required to get there. Our clients come to us for a variety of leadership challenges: helping IC’s become incredible managers, expanding managers into real leaders, triggering truth and trust to be spoken amongst teams, forming values and strategies to shape the year ahead – and everything in between.

The common denominators below are a prerequisite to partnering with Paradox. We invite client partners who are:

Committed to differentiating through their people experience

Brave enough to move from skill-building to the “inner” work

Hungry to be best-in-class and client-forward in their industry or vertical

Willing to actively showcase authentic and engaging leadership from the top-down

Courageous to break old patterns and invite the unchartered

In Their Own Words

From leadership development with our senior staff, to workshops on self-care with our entire organization, The Paradox of Leadership has been our go-to training partner for years due to their ability to customize inspiring content specific to our needs and deliver it in a thoughtful and engaging way.
Women Deliver
NYU Stern has an ongoing partnership with The Paradox of Leadership that is open, creative and client-focused - helping develop leaders from the inside-out. Each Paradox trainer has a unique ability to connect deeply, enabling leaders to deepen their self-awareness and identify and leverage key tools to be most effective.
Sr Director Leadership Development
NYU Stern School of Business
Paradox’s unique approach to leadership development is stellar. They believe in leading with values-based, sustainable, empathetic leadership models. Their commitment to create change, elicit the talents of the individual and the collective, and inspire authentic brilliant leaders is what today’s world so desperately needs.
Paul Hastings
Paradox is a true partner in enhancing our employee development program. I am struck by how well they listen, understand our culture, and quickly capture the nuances of our organization - something that is key to the success of our coaching and training programs. They are extremely thoughtful and consummate professionals.
Managing Director
We thought The Paradox of Leadership subject matter might be too “soft” for our highly technical, quantitatively-focused group. The reality was quite the contrary. Our group could not have been more engaged – people shared openly, bonded through the rich Paradox exercises, and insisted we bring Paradox back next year.
AIF Global
The Paradox CUP Fellowship is a deep dive into recognizing how you lead. I encourage you to be honest and open during the program and it will change your life forever. My life will never be the same, I graduated feeling empowered to design my destiny, define what I think success looks like and not be afraid of failure.
Leadership Fellow
Verizon, Council of Urban Professionals